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Learning to pause

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We don't like thinking about things that cause anxiety and worry, because we fear this will make the worries more real.

Reality is, the moment we start facing our concerns, we take control and move on. What does it actually mean to move on? Not being imprisoned by our own emotions.

We spend so much time being fearful of how we feel that we forget we have a greater measure of control over our experience that we are aware!

Of course we will be in pain. We will be anxious, annoyed, hurt, angry...that makes us human. But the moment we decide to look behind the fear and engage our rational mind along our emotional side, then something beautiful happens.

We have a greater experience, a more authentic experience as our core self speaks to us. This is not about finding solutions. This is about giving your mind a few moments to rest, regroup, make space for the solutions to come. How?

Always start with the basics. Take a deep breath and allow your body to settle for a few minutes. Then while breathing, allow your thoughts to enter your consciousness and notice the possible tendency to avoid. Try to resist the anxiety and sit through this by telling yourself "Thoughts can come and go but I get to choose how to react to them, how much time I will spend on each one". Practice this "dance" until you start feeling more at ease.

It's ok to pause or stop and rest when things get too much. Rest and try again. If it doesn't work out today, tomorrow is a new day.

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