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A mindful moment

It's very easy to get caught up in the darkness and forget to live.

I found myself on the train to London, absorbed by my phone, when for a moment I looked outside and the sun was rising. The intensity of the colours was shocking in contrast to my screen.

We forget the world is not monochrome. There is so much beauty out there that we ignore, bent over a screen, poring over the terrible news of the day. We forget that outside our selves there are million others like us who go about their lives, with their own struggles, their own pain, their own insecurities and judgements.

We focus on what keeps us apart, what separates us, what we either don't want to witness, or obsess over just to judge.

Our essence gets enmeshed with the negative,the ugliness. We become selfish and petty and small, caught up in our fear. Let's become more...whole. Let's embrace all of who we are, lift our heads and gaze beyond the screen into the eyes of the world. Let's remember that all the other people who evoke our judgement and negativity, all of those we put in different categories to make them impersonal and distant, are people who feel just like you and me. We all have the same emotional needs. Let's not ignore the injustice and the darkness, but also let's not forget the light and beauty that can be found within and around us.

Through acceptance of the entirety of who we are, we open up space for change. We can evolve, step by step, by merging our light and darkness through kindness and love.

Let's become more.

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