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Bittersweet Life: Coping With Change

Life is a constant cycle of endings and beginnings. Some times the transitions are slow, almost imperceptible, some times relentless. It's very easy to get caught up in the illusion of stability, in our need for safety, a measure of control, the assumption we have a firm grasp in our lives. We rely on the constant, whether that is our daily routine, a public figure, a place etc.

When life decides to take, rather than to give, we can be left feeling shock, despair, fear, sadness, anger, disbelief. The primal part of us reels, as it feels under threat. The illusion of stability is shattered and we can lose trust in ourselves and others around us. We can withdraw and start second guessing our ability to persevere. But this is life. Filled with constant change, a never ending dance of surprises. Let's give ourselves the time we need to settle the emotional turmoil, process grief in our own time without external pressure to return to business as usual. That may yet happen, but its so crucial to our wellbeing to take a moment to pause and acknowledge our emotions. When we feel ready, then we can start making space for the new. Embracing change is key to our survival, but we shouldn't forget the constant that used to bring comfort and a sense of belonging.

We can recreate the feeling in each moment by embracing the unknown, remembering to trust our ability to transform through loss and pain into a new version of ourselves. Life is bittersweet, a cycle of loss and rebirth in every single moment.

Remember there is beauty in this process of change.

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