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A discussion with myself

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

- " I judge weakness".

- " Therefore you are rejecting your own weakness and fear...Because it scares you to feel weak and out of control. Because it does not feel safe. But ask yourself, what is it that's not safe?"

- " If I don't fight against weakness, I will end up alone and hurt".

- " This is not enough reason to judge weakness. Being afraid is human. Not wanting to suffer is human. But when you judge your fear, you are doing so out of the assumption you are only afraid because you are weak. You assume you are not in control. You assume you cannot change and evolve".

- " What should I do then"?

- " Accept your fear. Fear is not a weakness. When you are afraid, your mind is showing you something that may need to change. Fear can cause aversion. It is the emotion that says it's time to move, the current state is not enough anymore. This does not have to be a cause of sadness or anger. It can show you your new you. So love your fear. It opens up a door for you".

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