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Closing Doors

Focusing on moving forward is made possible by leaving some things behind. That could be a change of physical space, a relationship, a past hurt. To adjust and take the next step, we may also have to consider forgiveness. Forgiveness either of the circumstance/person that hurt us or led to our next step, or forgiveness of ourselves for the times we did not speak up our truth. Forgiveness can be a loaded word and hard to consider sometimes. But a way forward can be to try and treat ourselves with more neutrality as a starting point. Be neutral with our expectations and criticisms. Try to avoid or minimise inner judgment and pay attention to the subtle changes in our emotional reactions when this happens.

We want to let go of past hurts, sense of failure, disappointments. But what if this is not possible right away? Can a compromise be a better and more sustainable option? Can we compromise in our minds about feeling the sadness or anger and yet at the same time allow ourselves to move forward?

Seeking the perfect closure can keep us stuck in the past. Why then should we inflict this pain upon our future selves? Forgo the expectations of perfection in any form. Life is imperfect and yet things seem to fall into place eventually. We adapt, we learn to accept, we learn to sometimes forget and change. Why not avoid the need for perfection? Let’s close the door to that idea and allow our imperfections to shine through. Imperfections create cracks, that can lead to a new opening, a way forward that we may not have imagined before.

This is my way through stuckness. To give permission to myself to not know everything. To not have the perfect plan, to not know what the next step is. But to trust that the pieces will fall into place eventually. I only have to allow a door to close; To leave behind past hurts, to breathe, and to permit myself to not have to control everything.

People say the universe, God, energy, moves in mysterious ways. I believe that our higher self brings wisdom and awareness to guide us through our next steps, even when we stumble, even when we fall. This may be the needed break; to stop, reflect and re-evaluate, before we gather our strength and move to the next stage of our lives.

Let’s not be afraid of closing doors anymore. The new will soon become familiar.


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