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Preserving Our Humanity


I find myself looking hard in the mirror lately, trying to see something that would explain to me the reasons we find ourselves once again in chaos. And even though challenging times have always been a constant on this earth, it somehow feels more intense than before.

I can't even begin to comprehend what it feels like running away from your home trying to ensure you survive another hour when war is upon you. I can only imagine, and even if I watch the news, I notice a detached horror in me. Maybe it's the denial of what is happening. Perhaps a defence mechanism. And I think to myself "what has become of our world, where is our humanity? What is it that we can do against all the ugliness that falls relentlessly upon us?" As if our humanity is under attack on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

When it seems one crisis ends, another one begins. There is no time for the collective trauma to settle, for the healing process to begin. So we find ourselves constantly fighting, surviving, moving on in a whirlwind, being swept up in emotions of fear, pain, guilt, anger and sorrow.

But what will happen when conflicts come to an end? What is left?

I keep looking in the mirror for an answer.

And what I hear myself say is this: "I think it's most important to preserve our essence, what makes us human. Make the time to notice the beauty in this world; nature, the people around us, ourselves. Look closely, be brave and vulnerable. Look at what needs to be protected and preserved. Draw from love and treat all with respect and dignity".

In war there are no winning sides. We all lose and we can't afford to lose anything else.

I feel this urgency inside, to hold and protect the essence of humanity in me, for me and for others. I do believe and hope that if more of us look at the sacredness of life and do all we can in our every interaction to preserve what matters, then our world has a chance.

Kindness is not something to dispense when convenient and self-serving.

I see myself in the mirror and my gaze softens. Time to take a deep breath. The day awaits.

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